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 Biodiversity & Conservation Designs

IntelliReefs made from Oceanite have been shown to support more benthic coverage and higher biodiversity than nearby natural reefs. The complex matrix of pores created by our Oceanite mineral mixes allows for a “living substrate”, generating more space for life to settle in the substrate itself. Oceanite mixtures will be specifically tailored to site, species and function, addressing your specific conservation goals and optimizing return on investment for conservation efforts.


Around the world, marine species are being lost due to climate change, ocean acidification, coastal development, overfishing, and many other stressors. Creating additional habitat that mimics natural substrate creates shelter, food, and additional colonizable area for a wide variety of animals and plants. Oceanite is made of a complex matrix of pores that increase settlement surface and interstitial area exponentially.


Many of our Oceanite mineral mix designs are specifically engineered to help corals grow faster, stronger, and more resiliently. We can cast custom architectural elements to reduce sedimentation, allow for easy attachment of coral colonies and fragments planted ex situ, and reduce impacts from hurricanes and storm surge.


Our structural designs can be tailored for site, species, and function, allowing for the highest care in coral rearing. Our “Dave’s Dome” coral outplanting structures were specifically engineered for planting corals ex situ in a seawater tank for easy transfer onto the reef.

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