Reef Life’s mission is to develop new marine specific nano materials,    enhancing oceanic architecture & engineered building techniques, pioneering the next 

wave of infrastructure above & below the ocean’s surface.



Reefs are Damaged by Boat Anchors. Now divers can safely anchor and enjoy reefs with the addition of fish and coral growth habitats

engineered reef systems

Reef Life Restoration provides site- and problem-specific consultation and testing. Engineers then create appropriate design, perform cost valuations, impliment unique strategies and monitor the frequencies of our diverse eco-marine materials matrix for oceanic and coastal applications. Architectural casting experts create exactly what each coral community requires.


Floating Platform Restaurants with Kelp & Seaweed Farm:

Dive Site & Mooring Stations/Coral and Fish Habitats

Guyon K Brenna Reef System       Research and Design

Latest Oceanic Innovations

pH and acidification can be changed within a certain area by casting the micro-climate posts with enhanced properties to change the water surrounding a coral area. The water flows through the posts and bathes the affected areas with proper pH or other modification elements. The posts will hold the enhanced properties for two years or more, when it will become an engineered reef surrounding the natural reef area. The posts and footings will become a part of the landscape, growing both coral and marine species.

The science of which elements to cast the posts in are part of our ongoing research into diverse growth substrates.

Micro- Climate

ocean Pools

Micro-climate ocean pools from Reef Life Restoration were designed to accomplish multiple tasks within a site-specific region that is in need of restoration to a damaged reef or preemptive placement in order to protect a vulnerable reef from destruction.

Reef Life Foundation supports coral science research globally as well as divers planting corals. With the Gift A Reef Campaignevery purchase or donation goes to support coral reef conservation beginning with The Nature Foundation SXM in Sint Maarten.

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