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Solar Powered Vertical Acreage Farm

Reef forests and farms are cast with our nano-composites, to cover an acre or small coral community. They are customized for targeted results within a particular site and ecosystem.


Reef Life Restoration has been in development mode since 2007 when Oceanographers came to Milestone Architectural Stone, our original Texas company, to investigate the science of a pH proper growth substrate cast into ocean farm building elements; promoting marine life in all phases.  Thus Reef Life was born. Dr. Konstantin Sobolev, who was researching at Milestone new nano materials, discovered pH and Acidification mixtures which can create better ocean climates, and faster growth compounds.


We continued the testing of diverse materials matrix casting with surfaces which natural ecosystems. Below are some examples of our our casted structures that can be attached to ocean wind farms.  These structures are made of proper growth substrates condusive to oyster or other marine animal/mineral/algae growth.  Easily clipped onto an exisiting structure, these mounts are ideal for integrating renewable energy with ocean farming. 

Owned by

Reef Life


Owned by

Reef Life


Engineers available to customize a site and solution specific structure.

For an oyster farm, the textures of the growth plate surface will be very rough and have oyster growth compounds and crushed oyster shells.

Some like it sunny, Some like it shady, diverse algae, medicinal compounds, corals or fish habitats can be grown on either side of the growth plates which can be surfaced to facilitate a certain growth matrix.


These are designed to yield the maximum crops in minimum acreage.

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