Reef Site 911 Damage Repair Systems

REEF LIFE 911 On Site Reef Casting Operations with Callaway Marine

Reef Life manufacturing experts bring 15 years of casting expertise plus marine sustainable mineral mixtures, enhancing reef, coral and proper growth of site plants necessary for marine environments.
The reef debris is taken from the ocean floor and used within the reef cast mixture to enhance the fastest regrowth possible.
The reef casts are removed from the molds in 24 hours and divers can then begin to take them to the ocean floor to rebuild reefs. Broken coral can be re-attached as quickly as possible, getting the fish habitats put back together immediately.
Callaway Marine Site Assessment Divers hand in hand with Reef Life Site Casting Crews bring the reef manufacturing equipment directly to the damaged reef sites.

A reef that took decades to grow needs immediate action in order to begin to function within a marine environment.


Having the ability to get directly to a site and cast a reef right on top of the damage is the quickest, most economical way to repair the devastation before the entire area is void of marine life.

A recent example of where a site casting operation would be utilized is the unfortunate desctruction of a reef. Paul Allen’s $162 million yacht Tatoosh destroyed 13,800 square feet of coral reef in the Cayman Islands’ protected replenishment zone. Local officials said the massive anchor and chain wiped out most of the coral in the area on the western coast of Grand Cayman on Jan. 14. 

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