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Ian Kellet OCEAN

Ian Kellett, an expedition designer and media specialist with a focus on remote coastal communities and environments. With 17 years of field experience shooting, producing and directing media projects for clients such as National Geographic, BBC and Discovery I have developed expertise in problem solving in foreign systems. I have relationships with environmental non-profits Marviva, The Dalio Ocean Initiative, Conservation International, C.A.R.E. and Artcorps. I am inspired by the power of storytelling.  Diving and filming Tiger Sharks, following biologists as they track Jaguars, interviewing Sudanese Refugees and exploring all seven oceans are highlight experiences that have taught and humbled me. My current explorations integrate inner science work of meditation and self awareness as a vehicle for deep connection to nature.

Currently I serve as the solutions lead for Sea Legacy  and the director of Special Projects for Alucia, My calling is to be of service to a healthy ocean human relationship. I am so pleased to be on board with Reef Life as their science is unsurpassed within the oceanic community.

Ian Kellet Ocean
Ief Winckelmans Strategic Alliances
IUCN Joao Sousa
Jim Gormley Scientist
Tetyana Kletskova Clean Tech
Clean Tech Impact Invest
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 Ief Winckelmans: Global Growth Advisor

Empowering Oceanic Networks for Reef Life Restoration in the global oceanic environment.

Ocean Impact Alliance connects sources of knowledge, resources and capital to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society.  

Joao Sousa IUCN

Joao Sousa is a Marine Project Officer at IUCN (The International Union for Conservation of Nature) where he focuses on collaborative solutions to mitigate plastic debris in the world’s oceans. This involves coordinating research to inform policy, creating platforms to encourage innovation and sharing of best practices, and cooperating with industry to change behavior. Joao also works on conservation and mitigation for the oil and gas industry in the North Sea (decommissioning platforms), as well as private sector engagement for best practices in the production, extraction and transformation sectors in Mozambique.

In the latest 3, 5 years, within the Global Marine Programme, he developed an extensive network, stakeholder forum and developed projects related with waste management, plastic debris and waste management policies.

Joao is an experienced Biotechnology engineer with 20 years engineering, biotechnology and project management experience specializing in oil & gas operations, bioenergy, biofuels and biodiversity.

Former experience includes:

Pilot Plant Design/Construction/Operation

Reverse Engineering and debottlenecking processes

Bioprocessing Technology development

Innovation, Research & Development,in food, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries.

Mary Kelley Financial

Mary Kelley is an executive with experience in finance and analytics.  She works with early stage businesses to develop strategies, forecasts and financial policies.  She was VP at Charles Schwab, VP of Finance for the electronics manufacturing division of Communications Satellite Corporation and founding President of Digital Worldwide for Draft/FCB, one of the largest global advertising agencies.

Tetyana Kletskova

Tetyana is a team alignment expert in the high tech industry with 15+ years of operational experience. Her expertise lie at the intersection of engineering (MS'00, MIT), systemic thinking, facilitation + training, and improv theatre.

Having worked for early stage startups as well as global multinational corporations, she brings a clear understanding of team dynamics in a high-stress multi-cultural environment.

Currently, Tetyana advises a number of start-up companies internationally, collaborates with CleanTechOpen startup accelerator in the Investor Connect coordinator role (, and co-hosts Board Of CEOs think tank meetings (


James Gormley AEE

James Gormley AEE is a scientist / inventor holding many patents in the area of electrochemistry, material science, electronics, energy storage / harvesting, mechanics etc.


Mr. Gormley was awarded a US Congressional Citation in 2009 for his work in energy storage. He has done confidential work for the Missile Defence Agency, Army Research Labs, Office of Naval Research, Air Force Wright Patterson base, TASER, INTEL, Raytheon etc.


Mr. Gormley was in charge of the R&D and testing of the Hyperloop Propulsion / Levitation system.

Currently Jim is the staff scientist for Wolverton Bailey home of the Center-poise engine and TBT Group inc.

"My plan is to create technology teams that problem solve environmental issues and enable all of Earths inhabitants

to have better lives through science." JG

Reef Life Foundation supports coral science research globally as well as divers planting corals. With the Gift A Reef Campaignevery purchase or donation goes to support coral reef conservation beginning with The Nature Foundation SXM in Sint Maarten.

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