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Luxury Underwater Experiences


Take your image and branding to the next level. Imagine guests flying over your property in a helicopter or plane, seeing your logo from above as part of the gorgeous coastline. Then when they visit your man-made reef underwater, they see corals, fish, and an incredible diversity of marine life that they can observe up close.

Guests from around the world are looking to have unique experiences in nature - ones that are not offered anywhere else in the world. IntelliReefs has a strong background in large-scale custom casting of fine structures and art pieces. Your valuable real estate no longer stops at the water’s edge. Creating underwater attractions and experiences opens up the ocean like never before for underwater tourism.



In the winter, your guests can jet off to Aspen and Banff for world-class skiing and snowboarding one weekend, then dive on an underwater “Black Diamond” dive labyrinth the next.

Think IntelliReefs is perfect for your project? Get in touch for a quote!

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