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Natural Ocean Floor Community Biodiversity Expansion Systems

Giving Mother Nature the Tools to Heal Herself

Our ReefShip design mimics the architecture, geology, and chemistry of natural reefs. The ReefShip quickly builds 3D complexity and structure where it has been lost in order to feed and shelter fish, and provide biomimicking substrates that attract and sustain wild coral spawn.

Coastal Protection

Wave Breaks

Natural Reef Design

Biomimicking the chemical and physical properties of natural reef scapes

Natural Reef Design_block_edited.png
Natural Reef Design.png

Our ReefShip visually integrates itself within the local reef while addressing our project goals of coral habitation, sustaining diverse faunal communities, and creating a platform for local jobs. Its simple design eases manufacturing and deployment time within a stable modular platform. The ReefShip also creates a platform for collaboration with local restoration groups by providing an artificial platform for experimentation and restoration. The modular nature of the design enables deeply unique approaches to serving objectives. This allows for the freedom to make targeted and local solutions, housings for specific scientific equipment, and integrations with tourism and coral out-planting goals.

We parametrically model for your GPS site map

petrified reef.jpg
Design coding in Grasshopper Meta Data O

Species Settlement Curves

Temperate Oceanite - PC Stirling Brenna.png

"Some like it shady, some like it hot." We are building these for species to grow in, build a family in, and settle on for their optimum growth. 

"Spaceship Earth, a vision for comprehensive planetary planning that resulted in new strategies intended to enable all of humanity to live with freedom, comfort and dignity, without negatively impacting the earth’s ecosystems or regenerative ability." 

- Buckminster Fuller Institute

InteliReefs - Module Deployment - 2021 NOV - IMG_1336-1.JPEG
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