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The IntelliReefs team has three key branches that work together in concert to meet your marine restoration and development needs: Science, Design & Manufacturing, and Business. The Science Team consists of advanced nanomaterial scientists, marine biologists and coral restoration specialists, delivering custom mineral mixes and structures to meet your goals. Our Design & Manufacturing Team has experts in underwater infrastructure and artificial reef design, casting and manufacturing, materials testing, and deployment. Our Business Team is happy to provide up-to-date information on bids and project timelines, financial details, and strategies to enhance project ROI. All of these elements together ensure that IntelliReefs projects and product lines are innovative and tailored to your needs, from design to deployment.


Melody Brenna

CEO & Co-Founder

Melody has been working with Dr. Sobolev since 2002 creating advanced nanomaterials technologies. She is the original Co-founder of Milestone Architectural in Texas, which received multiple top small business awards. Applying her incredible expertise with material casting, Melody has dedicated her life to restore, revitalize, and protect ocean habitats through nano-science solutions. Her drive to accelerate scientific paths to global coral restoration is what inspires the rest of us to keep moving forward!

Konstantin Sobolev

Konstantin Sobolev

CTO & Co-Founder

Konstantin Sobolev Ph.D. is a co-founder and nanomaterial scientist for Reef Life Restoration, and is the Chair of Nanotechnology committee for the American Concrete Institute (ACI). He is also a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (FACI) and a Member of the Mexican Academy of Science. Sobolev is globally renowned for innovations in nanomaterials, waste inclusion, superhydrophobicity, and thermal and particle activation within novel cementitious matrices for highly diverse applications.

GB HS 2 8 1 2020.jpg

Guyon Brenna

Chief Reefitect & Co-Founder

Guyon was the Buckminster Fuller Catalyst winner in 2017 for oceanic structure design and was named one of the 30 Under 30 from Earth X. Guyon co-founded Reef Life Restoration, which specializes in coral substrate reconstruction with species-specific nanomaterial cementitious mixes and develops 3D design of art dive and modular ocean habitats. He also presented at the UN Hawaii, Ocean Conference, and The Hague, Netherlands, EarthX, Areday, and Cozumel, Mexico for the MESO Reef Disease Panel. on coral restoration through substrate creation. His latest design, ReefShip is our massive scale oceanic infrastructure #SDG14 intraduction to the Decade of Ocean Science 2021.


Ian Kellet
Caribbean Director of Operations

Ian draws upon two decades of ocean exploration to connect philanthropy, world class storytellers and media activism to support thriving and abundant ocean systems.
He field produced dozens of conservation, science and media teams while project managing a floating film studio. At his core Ian is an enthusiastic storyteller, performer and teacher who is passionate about exploring the nexus of philosophy and action.

tara snorkeling.jpeg

Tara Pierce
Global Project Grant Manager

Tara has been an ocean advocate since childhood. Her career as an Environmental Art Activist led her to a Masters in Environmental Arts & Humanities, where she created a program development packet for the Hatfield Marine Science Center which was implemented within a year. Her graduate work peaked her interest in policy, and she is currently in pursuit of a degree in Environmental Law. Her academic background prepared her for grant writing and project management, skills Tara is happy to put to use at IntelliReefs. 

George Cummings.jpg

George Cummings

UN SDG14 Global Advisor

Ief Winklemans .jpg

Ief Winckelmans

Global Growth Advisor

Matt Raymond.png

Matt Raymond

Patent & IP Expert


Charlotte Vick

Ocean Strategy Shepherd

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