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Our mineral mixes are engineered to be cast into designs that are tailored to site, species, and function. We are committed to restoring and, where necessary, enhancing target environmental variables, by species seeding of Oceanite units for transport to the ocean. From eco-tourism to aquaculture, underwater museums to coral nurseries, IntelliReefs increase biodiversity, food and economic security, coastal protection, and create unparalleled, immersive underwater experiences that foster a deeper connection with nature.

Podium Dive Reef Underwater  A.png

Inclusion Zone


This inclusion zone is all about the shared experiences for you and the people around you, seeing the coral grow and realizing you are in a completely unique space will be a dream come true for many divers and tourists. Ultimately this will provide a home for ocean life for thousands of years.

Esplanade Dive Reef Image A.png

Biodiversity & Conservation Designs

IntelliReefs made from Oceanite have been shown to support more benthic coverage and higher biodiversity than nearby natural reefs. The complex matrix of pores created by our Oceanite mineral mixes allows for a “living substrate”, generating more space for life to settle in the substrate itself. Oceanite mixtures will be specifically tailored to site, species and function, addressing your specific conservation goals and optimizing return on investment for conservation efforts.


Luxury Underwater Experiences

Guests from around the world are looking to have unique experiences in nature - ones that are not offered anywhere else in the world. IntelliReefs has a strong background in large-scale custom casting of fine structures and art pieces. Your valuable real estate no longer stops at the water’s edge. Creating underwater attractions and experiences opens up the ocean like never before for underwater tourism.

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Eco-tourism & Resort Dive Reefs

Looking to set your underwater real estate apart from the competition? Give your guests an unforgettable opportunity to connect with nature by planting a coral reef sculpture garden that they can dive or snorkel through. We can customize your coral garden by adding fittings to hold your underwater camera for the perfect selfie or fixtures where guests can plant coral fragments.

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Sustainable Ocean Development

IntelliReefs offers innovative designs for mitigating the impacts of development and boat traffic on marine communities. Our custom mooring stations, wind farm bases, and aquaculture substrates function as biofilters and protect valuable underwater ecosystems. IntelliReefs are made from extremely durable Oceanite mineral mixes that can be customized to target specific sustainability goals.

Reef Life- Dive Reef Logo.png

Underwater Art and Sculptures

Around the world, artists and conservation institutions are coming together to spread the word about the deterioration of our coral reefs and oceans. Interdisciplinary collaborations underwater reach an immense audience and generate an emotional connection to ocean issues that other media cannot –especially in viewers who rarely, if ever, visit the sea.

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