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IntelliReefs began as the stone casting company Milestone Architectural Ornamentation in 1998. They created the industry-first laboratory for casting of reef restoration technology and nanomaterials development in Texas with Dr. Konstantin Sobolev. Over 20 years of research resulted in the development of high-performance mineral mixtures called Oceanite that can be cast into any design, scaled up to create significant new habitat along coastlines, tailored for site, species and function. Milestone’s research and development from 1998-2012 greatly improved the quality, diversity and oceanic applications for the world’s most common building material: cement.


Vicon Nano Science / Vicon Eco Construction Systems was created as a nano tech research arm in 2004 by the owners and managers of Milestone Architectural Ornamentation. Vicon transformed the global construction industry by introducing novel science, advanced materials, methods and processes that improve the quality, affordability, and environmental performance of global infrastructure. The aim was to create advanced concrete alternatives that deliver deep functional and environmental benefits. Vicon owns the rights to proprietary material formulations that enhance durability, lower cost, or allow for the incorporation of byproducts from other industries (i.e. waste encapsulation) into building materials.

Milestone Architectural, together with Vicon Eco Systems, was the highest awarded cast stone company in the United States with the following awards for excellence:

  • Enterprise Innovation First 1998 Engineering Project Website in Cast Stone Industry

  • Top Small Business Texas Chamber Commerce SBA 2000-2001

  • Top Small Business Person North Texas (Regional) SBA 2003

  • Top Small Business Person for the State of Texas (Washington DC, SBA) 2003

  • Top Small Business State of Texas (Washington DC, SBA) 2003

  • District Directors SBA Choice Award, Southern USA Companies 2004

  • District Directors Choice Award, Southern USA (Washington DC, SBA)  

  • Export Achievement Awards Texas 

  • Global Export Council Board Director

  • Global Export Council President Melody Saunders Brenna 2002

  • District Export Council Texas Melody Saunders Brenna appointed by Washington DC

  • Texas Senate Export Proclamation 2004 Croatia/EU Projects

  • Addy Awards, Civic and National Advertising

  • LEEDS GREEN Manufacturing

  • Multiple GREEN and Sustainable Construction Accolades

Coral Nursery_domes.03.jpg

Reef Life Restoration was founded in 2015 following a collaborative process with oceanographic researchers who sought to construct underwater coral reef habitats from a durable, ocean specific materials with targeted pH values. The binding agent in traditional Portland cement has a pH value of ~12 and can burn animal tissues. Dr. Sobolev was able to reduce the pH of Reef Life’s mineral matrices to nearly neutral at 8.1 – an unprecedented value in artificial reef technology.


Reef Life Restoration grew with the mission of deploying large-scale, specifically-engineered structures onto damaged reefs. The same nanotechnology research techniques were used to create a series of bio-compatible mineral matrices that would attract and enhance the development of target marine species. Over time, Reef Life’s ocean architect, Guyon Brenna, has created a portfolio of unique designs that aim to give marine life – and the tourists who visit them – an unparalleled underwater experience.

Reef Life 2016 LOGO.png

The IntelliReefs division, formed in 2017 as we developed our unique reef restoration system. From consultation to deployment, we optimized our advanced substrates to promote the growth and development of desired marine species and biodiversity through site and species-specific marine mineral substrates called Oceanite.


IntelliReefs' Oceanite has been carefully researched and tested in the field. Our ongoing Sint Maarten project has shown that Oceanite substrates enhance biodiversity and create additional habitat on degraded reefs. They also attract and support new coral growth & healthy reef community development. Click here to see more about our Sint Maarten IntelliReefs project.


The weaving coral branches of our logo represent the four central facets of the company working in harmony and amplifying the impact of each component. As in complex biological systems, the result is far greater than the sum of its parts. 


At the nanoscale, we fine tune the IntelliReefs material substrates. These are comprised of species, site, and function specific mineral mixes to enhance growth and resilience of target species, optimizing ROI for conservation goals. We carefully test how marine communities respond to our mix designs and closely monitor our underwater structures to study how marine life grow and thrive over time. Upcoming research phases involve collaboration with researchers at academic institutions around the world over the next five years to study large scale biological processes that result from our structures.

Unlike other artificial reef and underwater habitat technology around the world, we have the capacity to mold and cast custom underwater structures and sculptures that will be ecologically relevant over an entire landscape — we can build new habitats spanning tens of meters to hundreds of kilometers.

We have a far reaching philanthropic plan for ocean restoration that began in 2015 when Reef Life Restoration, LLC created Reef Life Foundation, a certified 501(c)3 non-profit (EIN 81-3695216). We have worked collaboratively with local businesses and foundations to create a space for local educational outreach.

Our team was founded on the principle that solutions-based science is best applied using interdisciplinary means. The IntelliReefs team is made up of material scientists, marine biologists, ocean architects, business experts, grant writers, storytellers, graphic designers, and marketing specialists.

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