Engineering Intelligent Restoration Solutions

The result of breakthroughs in science and nanotechnology, these engineered marine restoration systems mimic natural substrates to build oceanic infrastructure that improves resistance to climate stressors and diseases.


Overfishing, coastal pollution, ocean acidification, habitat destruction, and ocean warming have displaced animal and plant populations in the world’s oceans. Conservation organizations around the world are racing against time, trying to combat declining biological populations and the loss of healthy ecosystems that provide services to coastal communities and island nations.


Introduce IntelliReefs into damaged or at-risk marine habitats as a means of increasing fish aggregation, coral spawn settlement and species biodiversity. Our sustainable marine solutions foster quick and natural restoration of ocean ecosystems.


Thriving ocean systems demand a diverse set of habitat requirements, and the physical properties of regular cement substrates cannot accommodate these marine organism needs. Oceanite is a complex matrix of minerals, developed specifically for diverse animal growth and immediate integration within local ecosystems. It is composed of proprietary marine mineral matrices that include high-grade limestone, aragonite, and diverse pozzolanic (calcium binding) components at the nano-scale.

IntelliReef used to save coral reefs


IntelliReefs are bio-inspired marine structures cast from Oceanite. They are formulated from 20 years of nano-materials expertise in collaboration leading marine conservation laboratories to address the most pressing restoration needs in the ocean. Our substrates are engineered for centuries of durability in harsh marine systems.

IntelliReefs are customized to your species and habitat needs and can be cast in large-scale “monolithic” custom designs or deployed in units that enable year-to-year, block-by-block expansion. Each structure can be customized down to the nano-scale with exclusive Oceanite mineral mixtures designed to enable optimal growth and resilience for conservation targets.

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Bioengineering Restoration Solutions


IntelliReefs are currently the only restoration solution on the market that creates bio-enhancing substrates that mimic natural reef development and foster growth on a large scale over a very short amount of time. The race against climate change and reef degradation calls for a scalable, natural solution to ensure that limited resources are spent on solutions that will produce results and achieve global conservation imperatives for reefs.

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Nanotech Material Science Behind Oceanite


IntelliReefs scientists use specific growth-enhancing minerals depending on your target species to mimic the complexity and diversity of compounds found in natural ecosystems. The complex system of pores produced by our mixtures optimizes animal settlement, creating more surface area per square inch. This enhances biodiversity and protects early growth stages of marine species. Together, these two features make Oceanite the ideal substrate for capturing and growing wild coral spawn and farming coral fragments and transplanted colonies. 

What makes Oceanite different from traditional Portland cement?


We listened to nature in the design of our exclusive Oceanite mineral mixtures. Our mixtures are chosen to enhance the growth and development of desired species and can be completely customized to site and function - including pH values. 


Unlike Portland cement, the pH of Oceanite mineral mixtures is customizable, which allows us to create ideal growth conditions for target species by fine-tuning and controlling substrate pH. Portland cement can burn animal tissues when they come into contact with it because it has a pH around 12. Oceanite mixtures can currently attain a pH as low as 8.1, corresponding directly to the surrounding ocean’s pH value.


The porosity of the material provides more surface area for animals to live in the crevices, creating a living substrate that is unparallelled in marine construction materials. Our mixtures and designs are also engineered to optimize strength and durability and can withstand marine storms and conditions for hundreds of years.

Ongoing Monitoring Services

Projects work best when structures are properly monitored according to global ecological assessment protocols. IntelliReefs monitoring teams can be contracted to develop ongoing observational and experimental data collection and analysis using globally approved research methods. Our teams can also be hired to conduct ongoing fieldwork and comparative temporal studies, including completion of monitoring transect surveys, video and photographic records, and water quality assessment.