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Ocean Wind Farms

Nature-Based Offset & Aquaculture Systems

windfarm design land and sea intellireefs with aquaculture

Reef forests and farms are cast with our nano-composites, to cover an acre or small coral community. They are customized for targeted results within a particular site and ecosystem.

ocean wind farm base sustainable



Solar Powered Vertical Acreage Farm

scuba diving
wind farm base structural design
wind farm base ocean restoration
Reef Life Infrastructure Ocean Aquacultu

For an oyster farm, the textures of the growth plate surface will be very rough and have oyster growth compounds and crushed oyster shells.

Some like it sunny, Some like it shady, diverse algae, medicinal compounds, corals or fish habitats can be grown on either side of the growth plates which can be surfaced to facilitate a certain growth matrix.
These are designed to yield the maximum crops in minimum acreage.

wind farm oyster intellireefs

We continued the testing of diverse materials matrix casting with surfaces which natural ecosystems. Below are some examples of our our casted structures that can be attached to ocean wind farms.  
These structures are made of proper growth substrates conducive to oyster or other marine animal/mineral/algae growth.  Easily clipped onto an existing structure, these mounts are ideal for integrating renewable energy with ocean farming. 

Engineers available to customize a site and solution specific structure.

What are Ocean Wind Farms?

Ocean wind farms, often referred to as offshore wind farms, represent a dynamic and promising frontier in the renewable energy landscape. Harnessing the immense power of offshore winds, these farms are strategically situated in expansive bodies of water, where wind speeds tend to be higher and more consistent than on land. The proximity to coastal population centers ensures efficient transmission of the generated electricity. One of the most compelling advantages of ocean wind farms is their potential for substantial energy generation. The unobstructed expanse of the open ocean allows for the deployment of larger and more powerful wind turbines, capable of tapping into the vast energy potential that these winds hold. Moreover, their offshore location minimizes visual and noise impacts on coastal communities, addressing some of the concerns associated with onshore wind projects. As we navigate the challenges of transitioning to a sustainable energy future, ocean wind farms emerge as a beacon of clean, reliable, and virtually limitless renewable energy, poised to play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and securing a resilient energy grid.

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Award-Winning drawing of our Wind Farms, Drawn by Ocean Architect Guyon Brenna.

Award Received: Buckminster Fuller Institute 2017 Catalyst Program

Project Phases

Phase 1
Mapping & Proposed Module Location:
Substrate variation based on site
Phase 2
Design & Structural Engineering:
Module Size, Shape, & Weight

Phase 3
Materials Sourcing & Remote Casting
Phase 4
Shipping & Installation

Phase 5
Aftercare: Monitoring & Scientific Reporting