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Our Philosophy

Sandy Footsteps


Our clients are drawn to the sea, by calm or by storm, sharing our passion for the intersection between ocean and land. As a result, we have designed a dramatic, organic dive performance space; an elegant swimming path nestled within an existing reef and many other coastal restoration systems, building bridges between land and sea. While each IntelliReefs product is as unique as its users, our day is guided by reverence for the environment; an understanding that we can only improve a small fragment within the greater whole with our commitment for beautiful, data driven design.

Design Approach

IntelliReefs are both science and art; they are about finding the most beautiful way to communicate relationships between the objectives and the environment, the client and the wildlife. Thus, when we design an IntelliReef, we think far beyond the material. We overlay the broader regional context, considering the objectives that you want to address with your project, and design accordingly.



We view ourselves and our clients as stewards of the reefs and the ocean. Using research, material science, collaboration, and an eye for potential, we adapt our designs to the site, creating a living environment for generations of co-habitation. From small-scale dive attractions to regional restoration projects, we interweave present needs with future capability into every project; finding solutions that integrate complexity within nature.

Exceptional Design Starts with Great Objectives

As researchers and designers, we begin every project with a planning and objective-forming  process. Deeply rooted in the scientific method, this wayfinding operation is designed to identify project intents, drawing a decision-making map to ensure that the product reflects the users' values. While we alter certain elements to fit each situation, we rigorously adhere to each step of the process because we know that our methods lead to innovative, bespoke solutions that embody the users’ story.


Grounded Collaboration

We find that our best work comes from collaborating with our clients: everyone’s feet on the same sand. Our clients are entrepreneurs, property owners, local governments, concerned citizens, and NGOs. All are people who demand exceptional design and have a vision for net positive human participation within nature. Our grounded collaborative and iterative process is constructed to capture our clients' needs and desires, so that together, we can create experiences and products that inspire and regenerate.

Just Add Water

We are a collection of exceptional researchers and designers with decades of diverse experience on award-winning projects with companies around the world. Within IntelliReefs, we have a guiding phrase “Just Add Water”. We have done the hard work proving the tech, so all we need to do is add the water from your home island or coastline, providing the foundation for Mother Nature to "do her thing" on her own.

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