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  • Guyon K Brenna

Ocean Architect Guyon Brenna Designs New Reef Habitats

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Coral Reef Structure from Guyon Brenna

I have been working on engineered artificial reef structural designs for five years now. Each has a different purpose, supports a diverse growth organism, or creates what we call a "Ocean Pool Micro Climate".

My latest designs, which are in the new patent, are built to solve an acidification problem surrounding one coral site. The cast reefs surround the damaged reefs, encircling them. The artificial reefs are cast from a mineral matrix which will assist in creating a correct alkalinity climate for the damaged reef. As the waters naturally flow between the artificial reef and the damaged natural reef, the damaged reef is "bathed" by the correct alkalinity, enriching the coral and marine life it is trying to support. Stay tuned for NEW cool updates! Guyon

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