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X PRIZE Coral Survival Winning Team

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

X Prize WIN Visioneering 2018 Coral Survival

"We are thrilled to announce that our team - Coral Survival - won the grand prize at this year's XPrize Visioneering Challenge. This means that in 2019, XPrize will launch a multi-million-dollar competition which teams from around the world can enter to develop innovative and scalable solutions that will protect and restore our coral reefs. We learned so much along the way from Melody Brenna and her team at Reef Life Restoration about how one might push the limits of what's possible in reef restoration through innovation, and we are extremely excited about teams like hers entering the Coral Survival XPrize once it has launched!" Mahima Sukhdev Coral Survival Team

#coralsurvival #XPRIZE

Reef Life Restoration advanced nanomaterials science creating

"Smart Substrates for Super Corals"

Was an integral part of the presentation core science as their ability to create diverse habitats for coral fusion, coral spawn capture, and outplanting success.

Saving Coral Reefs Sponsored by Wendy Schmidt via the XPRIZE Ocean Initiative: Chose Coral Survival

Reef Life Restoration "Smart Substrates for Super Corals

The Saving Coral Reefs prize is

spon​sored by the XPRIZE Ocean Initiative, which is made possible by generous contributions by Wendy Schmidt. This prize is seeking urgently needed, scalable innovations to protect and restore coral reefs.

Coral reefs are carbon sinks their calcium carbonate skeltons absorb carbon dioxide and greenhouse emissions. Since Reef Life's IntelliReefs are made of calcium carbonates within the Oceanite compounds, the same materials as corals skeletons, IntelliReefs also operate as a carbon sink for carbon dioxide and greenhouse emissions.

Below is the quote used by the XPrize winning Team: Coral Survival:

"IntelliReefs, the "Smart Materials for Super Corals" developed by Reef Life Restoration is a vital collaboration between substrate materials, surface textures, and mineral matrices, which combine to create advanced growth compounds for increased coral diversity. These are based upon our cutting edge nanomaterials expertise and casting innovations. The latest testing in the laboratory shows larvae attachment and settlement on our Oceanite mineral compounds. IntelliReef systems highly improve the success rate of global coral reef survival. IntelliReefs provide superior substrates which also serve as wave attenuation for increasing storms, protecting both shorelines and damaged corals. Melody Brenna CEO Reef Life Restoration Nanoscience

Reef Life Restoration     Plant a Million Corals

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