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Climate Week is Over, What Now?

Embracing the Rights of Nature & Unlocking the Possibilities Post-Climate Week

Read on to check out what we did during Climate Week 2023 in New York City!

rights of nature climate week march nyc

Earth Law Center & Rights of Nature

"The March to End Fossil Fuels"

Our team deeply appreciates the chance we were given to participate in a collective march alongside thousands of fellow citizens, an event orchestrated by a coalition of grassroots organizations in New York City, including Fridays for Future NYC.


The Ocean Race Summit

Presenting Ocean Rights at the United Nations HQ

Earth Law Center

Ocean Rights Summit, United Nations headquarters
Anthony Zelle of Earth Law Center with a group of pioneering individuals in the rights for nature and ocean rights space.

The Ocean Race United Nations

"The Ocean Race Summit - Presenting Ocean Rights was a special event that we hosted during the United Nations General Assembly in New York to highlight ocean rights to some of the planet’s most influential decision-makers. At the milestone event we presented draft principles for a potential Universal Declaration of Ocean Rights, the culmination of several years of work and input from over 150 experts, including policymakers, business leaders, lawyers, Indigenous Peoples, scientists and NGOs." - The Ocean Race


Earth Law Center hosts their own event!

Marine Species & Climate Change: A Rights of Nature Perspective

A panel of leading experts explores how legal innovations can better protect sharks, orcas, and sea turtles.

Keystone Species Alliance rights of nature panama

"Earth Law Center (ELC) is collaborating with the Keystone Species Alliance (KSA) and Rights of Mother Earth (ROME) to compile a panel of cutting-edge experts on marine species & climate change. These panelists will weave together the issues of climate change and biodiversity loss. With a breadth of experience in the international negotiations, field studies, and courtrooms where the most important deals have been struck, this all-star team is uniquely positioned to inspire hope and action."

"Rights of Nature in Panama"

Panamanian Congresswomen and Callie Veelenturf on the big stage!
Panamanian Congresswomen and Callie Veelenturf on the big stage!
Callie Veelenturf, Panamanian Congresswomen, George Cummings
Callie Veelenturf, Panamanian Congresswomen, George Cummings

"Who speaks for sharks, sea turtles, and orcas? Join our panel of experts to explore how legal innovation can better protect these marine species from climate change and other threats. The movement towards the Rights of Nature and Earth law (or Earth-centered law) is expanding rapidly worldwide. In 2023, sea turtle populations in Panama earned their own fundamental rights. Seven towns and counties in Washington State now support legal rights for critically endangered Southern Resident Orcas, with only 73 remaining. Some scientists also propose to extend legal rights to sharks, of which humans kill 100 millions every year." - Earth Law Center


Additional United Nations Events attended by George Cummings


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