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Global Giving & Reef Life Foundation

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Reef Life developed an unprecedented coral reef restoration system called IntelliReefs that fosters new coral growth, increases fish abundance & provides homes for critical ocean creatures. Scientists found after only 14 months, IntelliReefs grew more biodiverse marine life than nearby natural reefs. Our team will plant your coral reef garden, which saves reefs and provides food, jobs & resources for island communities and businesses that rely on healthy oceans. Our NonProfit Global Giving Profile:

Within months, IntelliReef coral gardens provide critical homes for biodiverse marine plants and animals, supporting increased fish aggregation and natural coral settlement. The Nature Foundation issued a permit for a large-scale coral sculpture garden shaped like sea turtles, which restores natural reefs and enhances revenue possibilities for locals. Reef Life will continue to work with The Nature Foundation to expand IntelliReefs into the Marine Protected Area and other dive locations.

Long-Term Impacts

IntelliReef coral gardens generate critical revenue and jobs for island and coastal communities, while protecting and enhancing the local marine habitat. Because IntelliReefs can be scaled up to any size and shape, eco-tourist businesses recognize it's potential to cultivate economic AND biological growth. Long-term goals include building square kilometers of IntelliReefs world-wide, encouraging ocean conservation through collaborative research, and community education opportunities.

GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. We help nonprofits from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (and hundreds of places in between) access the tools, training, and support they need to be more effective and make our world a better place.

Reef Life Foundation was accepted into Global Giving and earned the following awards:

Reef Life Foundation is now a vetted fundraising organization on Global Giving. During the month of June, we participated in their Accelerator program with 647 other non-profits - and we came in 31st overall and 16th on the Double Match Day!

Our successful coral restoration project in Sint Maarten is live: CORALS

We have also earned Global Foundation Certifications on Benevity, Amazon SMILE!, the Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE), and the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE). The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for this organization was derived from its primary National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) code: 813312 Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations.

Reef Life Foundation Earned a 2020 Silver Seal of Transparency for our Nonprofit on GuideStar. Now our community members as well as 10+ million GuideStar users can find in-depth financial, projects, awards and latest scientific publications and certifications on Reef Life.

Check out our Reef Life Foundation Profile at

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