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EarthX: Last Chance Endeavors

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

“In the information age, answering a question is usually as simple as pulling out your phone and typing it in to google. In fact, for the first time in human history there’s more information available to us than we could possibly hope to analyze in a single lifetime. Every bit of media has a “spin”, an angle they’re trying to sell to increase their viewership, and so often that spin overshadows the original information that’s being reported. Gone are the days of unbiased coverage: the only way to stand out amidst the tidal wave of content is to be entertaining or shocking enough, and journalistic integrity be damned.

Well the Last Chance Endeavors team doesn’t believe that. So we started our podcast, Conservation Connection.

The concept was simple: connect the public to conservation professionals. We created it to be a platform for the people who are solving environmental problems to tell the public about the awesome work they’re doing. We believe that the true, unaltered stories of people working to protect the planet are fascinating in their own right, no embellishment needed! And to that point, we are incredibly excited to share with our audience the story of Reef Life Foundation. When we ran across them at EarthX 2019 in Dallas, we knew that their story was one we needed to tell. I mean, developing brand new materials to restore one of the most critically endangered ecosystems on our planet? No brainer. Check out episode 10 of Conservation Connection wherever you listen to podcasts to hear Guyon Brenna and Zoë Ward share tales about their revolutionary work with Reef Life Foundation.”

Here is a Link to the Ocean Jewelry which Plants A Coral with Every Purchase!

Zoë , Our Marine Biologist: graduated from Dalhousie University with a double major in Marine Biology and Sustainability. She also received a certification in Environmental Impact Assessment while living on the east coast of Canada. Her previous experience includes marine naturalist work and data collection for Wild Whales Vancouver and Gili Shark Conservation in Indonesia as well as cold water coral and sponge internships with the Ecology Action Center Halifax. A Rock Star member of our Blue Ocean Tribe!

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