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Women-Owned Business Success Sustainability Collaboration: CASE & IntelliReefs

Liz Tarquin on Top of the World

An update on IntelliReefs Sustainability Project Director; Liz Tarquin

Mount Rainier Summit
Liz Tarquin at Mount Rainier Summit

"CASE is delighted to partner with IntelliReefs and their efforts to develop advanced technologies that promote coral reef habitat recovery worldwide. I've known Melody Brenna, Reef Life and IntelliReefs founder and CEO, for over 5 years, when we first encountered each other developing a solution to a call from DARPA for innovative artificial reef technology that could help restore habitat and potentially counter the effects of sea level rise near coastal installations in the Pacific and Caribbean. Since then, I've enjoyed watching multiple successful implementations of Oceanite, IntelliReef's innovative AR substrate, and look forward to actively assisting in more across the world."

- Liz Tarquin, CASE CEO & Owner

Women-Owned Sustainability Business


CASE Consultants International applies Climate Arts and Sciences Expertise to inform real-world decisions about climate adaptation, sustainability, and resilience. We mainstream climate science into the practices of climate-sensitive professions. CASE connects science to solutions. Link to Women-Owned Sustainability Business


Liz Has Summited Mount Rainier for the SECOND Time

Women who Hike
Female Mountaineer Liz Tarquin

Mount Rainier Trekking to the Summit
Sunrise on the Summit is worth the hike!

Liz Tarquin
Badass Hiking to the Top of the World

"Ascending to 14,410 feet above sea level, Mount Rainier stands as an icon in the Washington landscape. An active volcano, Mount Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the contiguous U.S.A., spawning five major rivers."

Female Hiker
It Feels Great at the Top!

Above the Clouds Takes Teamwork!
Above the Clouds Takes Teamwork!

Armed & Dangerous at the Summit of Mt. Rainier
Armed & Dangerous at the Summit of Mt. Rainier

Thank you Liz for your astonishing expertise on massive industrial-scale projects from budgeting, submittal, engineering, and reporting on project momentum.

- IntelliReefs Global Business Development Team

IntelliReefs Sustainable Marine Solutions


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