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Scuba Diving Scavenger Hunt

A New Fish Identification Book ----- That’s Also A Scavenger Hunt!

Have you ever been in the ocean and pondered over the identity of a charming little fish?

Or questioned the activities of a fish nearby?

There's a new method to acquaint yourself with the reef's residents and learn about fish identification and behavior.

Learn the basics of fish and ocean life identification and embark on a scavenger hunt to discover all 50 species featured in each book!

With 10 locations worldwide and growing, it’s an engaging and educational travel activity if you plan to travel to any of the following places: Florida, California, Caribbean (regional), Hawaii, Belize, Bonaire, Cozumel, The Caymans, Fiji, or Turks and Caicos.

For aficionados of the ocean, Underwater Spotter Guides serve as a portal to the aquatic world below the surface. Whether you're in pursuit of adventure, tranquility, or a more profound comprehension of the marine ecosystem, these guides enable you to explore, uncover, and engage with the ocean in unprecedented ways. So, equip yourself, dive in, and embark on the journey. With Underwater Spotter fish identification books, an entirely new realm awaits you.

Secure your copy today at

To the right is Shelby Drake, the Founder of Underwater Spotter, and to the left is her dive partner Holly, the Chief Aficionado of Underwater Spotter. These two are cultivating a business rooted in their passion for the sea, aiming to share this enthusiasm through their unique fish and ocean life identification guide.

Shelby conceived the idea of a 'simplified fish identification guide' during a family dive trip after her mother expressed a desire to recognize the fish she saw without the burden of large, exhaustive books. Motivated by this, Shelby utilized survey data to determine the fish for her books, took her underwater camera, and began the journey of documenting and writing as she dived around the globe.

An avid collector, Shelby incorporated this aspect into the guides, encouraging users to 'collect' sightings of fish and check them off in the book, thus birthing the 'go-find-it' guide concept

a scavenger hunt that educates on fish identification.

Shelby loves taking macro photos underwater, some of her favorite fish to photograph are blennies. She just loves the smiles and character she is able to capture as they peek out of their holes like the Bluestriped Fangblenny she photographed above.

What makes Underwater Spotter Ocean Life Guides different?

Fish identification guides range from extensive volumes spanning thousands of pages to simple single cards. Underwater books, typically 65 pages in length, offer much more than a card, featuring the top 50 fish and ocean animals to spot and check off at a given location, replete with intriguing facts and behaviors to observe. These books transform the experience of being in the water.

Each guide encompasses 25 families, with two local species from each family to identify. Even if those particular species elude you, knowing the family makes it easier to identify the fish once you're back on land. The guides include sections on commonly mistaken fish and key physical characteristics to watch for.

Rich with interesting facts and behaviors, these books can open up a new world underwater, provided you know what fishy friends to look for.

Holly Lieberman Chief A-fish-ionado 720-201-5890


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