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October 2021: IntelliReefs Endorsed for the UN Decade of Ocean Science

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

IntelliReefs has been officially endorsed for their coral restoration "Decade Action" project under the UN Decade of Ocean Science. This news follows the successful launch of the Canadian offices in Halifax, NS, an early Investment from Innovacorp, and the team's acceptance of an Ocean Startup Challenge (Growth Stream) award.


Published October 11, 2021

As the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration take off, IntelliReefs US and Canadian offices are ramping up to answer the global call for innovative ocean solutions. Earlier this year, IntelliReefs submitted a "Decade Action" for the Ocean Decade, detailing the expansion of their large research and coral reef restoration project in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten with the local Nature Foundation. The team received news this week that IntelliReefs' Decade Action has been officially endorsed by the UN in a letter from the Executive Secretary of IOC-UNESCO.

Caribbean IntelliReefs off the coast of Philipsburg, Sint Maarten are thriving after just over 2 years underwater. The tropical Oceanite artificial reefs are home to biodiverse coral communities that feed and house local fish.

This news follows on the heels of IntelliReefs' Canadian team accepting the Ocean Startup Challenge Award (Growth Stream) last week and an early investment from Innovacorp, a Nova Scotia-based investment firm, earlier in September 2021. IntelliReefs work in Canada will focus on the development and testing of a new Oceanite series for temperate water restoration of kelp forests, oyster beds, and near-shore fisheries, applying their coastal resilience capabilities into cooler waters for the first time.

Now working to restore "ecosystem engineers" (corals, kelp, etc.) in both tropical and temperate regions, IntelliReefs is working with Reef Life Foundation to expand their reach and applications globally. The team was recently chosen as one of twelve finalists to attend the Ocean Exchange's pitch competition for the Neptune and WW Orcelle® Awards in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from October 23-27, 2021. The two prizes both represent innovative, proactive and globally scalable ocean solutions with working prototypes that can leap across industries, economies and cultures– innovations that generate economic growth and increased productivity, while reducing the use of nature’s resources and waste.

IntelliReefs is seeking to turn one of the most destructive ocean practices - coastal development - into an opportunity for conservation in an emerging market. By sustainably revolutionizing the marine development industry, IntelliReefs will use more durable, safe infrastructure to biomimick the sea's natural ecosystems and provide homes for the ocean's homeless where they have been lost.

Vote for IntelliReefs and Reef Life Foundation Today!

IntelliReefs' close partner, Reef Life Foundation, was recently nominated for the "Ocean Tribute" Award by boot Düsseldorf and their partners the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco and German Ocean Foundation.

The winner of the award will be decided by a jury and the general public. Visit the public voting platform now to cast your vote for Reef Life Foundation and IntelliReefs!

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About IntelliReefs:

IntelliReefs are innovative reef restoration systems; the result of breakthroughs in science and nanotechnology, these engineered structures mimic established coral reefs to build an oceanic infrastructure that improves resistance to climate stressors and diseases.

IntelliReefs is a division of Reef Life Restoration, LLC with 20 years of earned experience in advanced materials, manufacturing methods and delivering custom projects, using scientific research, and architectural innovation to offer high performance marine restoration systems designed from nano to industrial scale.

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