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Sustainable Ocean Development


Wave action and storm surge from hurricanes and coastal weather can erode shorelines, creating a severe economic burden on individuals, municipalities, and nations. Coral reefs act as a natural wave break, buffering the effects of oceanic conditions on seaside properties. They play an integral role in healthy ocean ecosystems and blue economies.

IntelliReefs offers innovative designs for mitigating the impacts of development and boat traffic on marine communities. Our custom mooring stations, wind farm bases, and aquaculture substrates function as biofilters and protect valuable underwater ecosystems. IntelliReefs are made from extremely durable Oceanite mineral mixes that can be customized to target specific sustainability goals.


IntelliReefs partnered with Hazelett Marine to come up with a mooring system that benefits your vessel and the reef! The Hazelett Elastic Mooring System, connected to an Oceanite base floats above the seabed with a minimal environmental footprint.


IntelliReefs can grow biodiverse substrates full of suspension- and filter-feeding species in a matter of months. These animals absorb and utilize additional nutrient loads in the waters under fish farms or can be used as substrates for closed-loop aquaculture systems. Mineral mixtures can be tailored for species-specific needs to ensure fast and resilient benthic growth for bivalves and marine plants.


Around the world, coastal nations are turning to development projects in the ocean to meet energy and resource needs. IntelliReefs has designed biodiversity-boosting bases that create complex, additional habitats on the base of coastal windmills to optimize introduced underwater substrates. IntelliReefs mineral mixtures can be tailored to site, species, and function, allowing you to target specific conservation or economic goals.

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