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Underwater Art & Sculptures

Around the world, artists and conservation institutions are coming together to spread the word about the deterioration of our coral reefs and oceans. Interdisciplinary collaborations underwater reach an immense audience and generate an emotional connection to ocean issues that other media cannot - especially in viewers who rarely, if ever, visit the sea.


Merge your culture from above ground with the underwater world! Imagine the Roman Colosseum with a seagrass bed in the middle of it or the Arc de Triomphe with coral colonies sprawling up the sides!


We can also collaborate with local artists by creating a conservation-forward base for their underwater art. Regardless of the material used for the installation above, our IntelliReefs bases will foster life and biodiversity while using the strongest, most durable underwater mineral mixes.


Our prize-winning architects have designed custom underwater art pieces and structures that can highlight local artwork. We frequently collaborate with artists, and can either cast their designs in Oceanite or provide high-performance structures and bases to house their work.

Think IntelliReefs is perfect for your project? Get in touch for a quote!

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