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Extreme Tech Challenge Necker Island & Reef Life Nanoscience

“We are hunting for people and ideas that can literally change the world!”

Sir Richard Branson

The Extreme Tech Challenge is the world’s largest startup competition with Sir Richard Branson as our anchor judge the finals on Necker island, BVI

Reef Life Restoration Nano Science CEO and Co Founder Melody Brenna

Presented the nano materials and diverse reef repair systems to Extreme Tech attendees on Necker Island February 2nd 2017.

The mission of the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) is to empower entrepreneurs and their companies with visibility, resources and a rolodex that together, bring a company more visibility, the ability to scale at low to no incremental cost, and to surround entrepreneurs with mentors that can help them build on product success with business success. The XTC pulls it all together into an experience that money cannot buy with showcase events at the world’s largest technology trade show, CES, and also at Sir Richard Branson’s own Necker Island. The Top 10 are also integrated into a community or super high achievers in business and sports known as MaiTai Global.

The contest was designed to allow entrepreneurs that are ‘natural winners’ to break out of the pack, in a world crowded with interesting companies and to give a solid group of the Top 25, Top 10, Top 3 companies access to valuable, premium prize packages at each level. For the thousands of other entrepreneurs in and around the contest,f the process and activities are designed to provide an inspirational experience, and a community of interest to bond with and learn from.

The community of people around the creation of the XTC has unprecedented access to key investors, high profile serial entrepreneurs, and innovators who are ready to serve as investors and mentors to help our applicants scale.

Because the XTC contest is so high profile, it sits in the virtuous vortex of great applicants that attract great investors and advisors and vice versa. Each stage of the contest has unique value to applicants that make it through to each successive stage. For additional Information:

Attendees for the Challenge link Below:

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