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Welcoming Ocean Impact Ief Winckelmans as Reef Life Global Strategic Growth Adviser

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Paul Nicklen Melody Brenna Ief Winckelmans

3 Questions for an Ocean Of Impact:

  • What are you doing to create a sustainable future?

  • What can you offer to help other eco-initiatives?

  • What do you really need to make a difference?

"Seeing massive ocean pollution and reef destruction during my travels, I couldn't help but ask myself these 3 life-changing questions. ​While answering, I realized it was my mission to invite everyone to answer these questions and create the ultimate matchmaking tool for finding, developing and supporting eco-innovation."

​- Ief Winckelmans, Founder of Ocean Impact Alliance -

Reef Life submitted a profile early in 2016 on our website Ocean Impact Alliance,

and I called their office after carefully studying Reef Life science and the incredibly broad range of capabilities on multiple global levels. Our initial discussions were regarding the intense desire to share their science with other ocean entities-- this was completely different than many science developers, so the discussions with Reef Life expanded to how I could assist them in their endeavors while they continued to develop oceanic innovations.

I met with COO Lyn Baum in Ireland and CEO Melody Brenna in New York to devise launch of the Safe Mooring Stations I asked them to design for Foundations and Coastal Communities: SEE LINK: Preserves coral reefs from damaging anchors.

We introduced these mooring stations this week in Lisbon, Portugal:

A New Era of Blue Enlightenment, July 12 – 14

Representatives from the EU, Brazil and South Africa will gather in Lisbon, Portugal, July 12-14, 2017 for a first-ever, high-level ministerial and scientific event to establish a New Era of Blue Enlightenment.

Atlantic Ocean Research BLUE Enlightenment
Ief Winckelmans and Sylvia Earle Prince of Monaco

"I am happy to accept a position as Global Growth Adviser to Reef Life as I feel that they bring such disruptive technology to the Oceanic Restoration and Conservation space, where it is desperately required."

- Ief Winckelmans, Founder of Ocean Impact Alliance - standing with Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer at the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation BLUE event.

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