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Reef Life Chosen in Top 25 Woman-Led Ventures from SheEO World Investors

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

SheEO Venture

"Every woman I know, myself included, is nowhere near reaching her potential. We believe that in the right environment - one designed by women for women to thrive on their own terms - we can dramatically increase our positive impact in the world. We are so much more than we think we can be." She EO Founder Vicki Saunders states: Congratulations on being selected by the SheEO Activators as one of the SheEO Top 25 Ventures!

"And we won’t become our potential until we come together and lift one another up. We are social beings. We need each other in order to thrive. Imagine how you would dream differently if you were surrounded by radically generous women committed to supporting you?"

She EO World Ventures

An​ ​Open​ ​Letter​ ​from​ ​SheEO​ ​Founder​ ​Vicki​ ​Saunders: SheEO​ ​Kicks​ ​Off​ ​US​ ​Program​ ​for​ ​Women​ ​Lead​ ​Activators​ ​and​ ​Ventures. The global initiative to radically transform how we finance, support, and celebrate female entrepreneurs is rolling out in the US after successful 2016 pilot program.

Lyn Baum Reef Life COO Ireland

Lyn Baum pictured right, Reef Life COO in Ireland meeting Ief Winckelmans, Founder of Ocean Impact Alliance bringing Reef Life Technologies to EU based Ocean Innovation projects.

SDG14 Ocean Impact

Sea Legacy and Reef Life Alliance

Sea Legacy


Sea Legacy Cristina Mittermeier

Melody Brenna meeting with Cristina Mittermeier of Sea Legacy, Paul Nicklen and Ief Winckelmans regarding the Alliance with Reef Life in Caribbean rebuilding of coastal communities, reefs and coral habitats.

According to an American Express 2016 report, there are over 11.3 million women owned businesses in the U.S. that employ nearly 9 million people and generate over $1.6 trillion in revenues. Revenues among these women-owned businesses have increased 35% since 2007 as compared to 27% among all U.S. firms. The global incomes of women are predicted to reach $18 trillion by 2018. It is also estimated that women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing through a combination of influence and buying power. Yet only 4% of venture capital funding goes to women entrepreneurs -- at great cost not only to the entrepreneurs, but also to the millions more workers they would employ, and to the economies whose growth will suffer from the absence of these high potential, creative new businesses.

Find out more from SheEO website:

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