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Aquatica Subs Bring Researchers to Reefs

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Aquatica Submarines Bring Coral Researchers to Corals

Nothing can compare to actual “eyes-on” when working in or exploring the world’s oceans. With unparalleled visibility, exceptional stability and maneuverability, Aquatica’s submersibles provide world-class platforms for a diverse range of users. Reef Life Restoration Coral Research teams will be meeting the incredible Aquatica Stingray Sub in the Caribbean late October to deploy the latest Reef Life "IntelliReefs" with leading coral scientists, Sea Legacy, and Sea To Sky!

Research Inspection Survey Forensic Collection Bathymetric Profiling

Search & Rescue Recovery


High resolution 3 Dimensional Sonar scan of The Blue Hole! This high-tech deliverable will help to better understand this geologic marvel and provide a window into sea-level and climate changes over the last 100,000 years. Never-before attempted, undertaking this activity will put Aquatica at the forefront of modern subsea exploration.

Aquatica Submarines and their partner, the Roatan Institute of Deepsea Exploration (RIDE), will be deploying their submersibles for the Expedition – Aquatica’s STINGRAY 500 and RIDE’s IDABEL.

These vehicles provide large equipment platforms for required exploration technology and creates an opportunity for scientists and technicians to spend hours below the surface in the Blue Hole. The ability to observe subsea activity face-to-face in a hands-on working submersible can provide instantaneous feedback and results for users. The in situ human connection also provides an ability to manage complex assignments too difficult or impractical for remote operations.

Aquatica Submarines is a Canadian Company established to provide complete design, manufacturing, sales and support, of the various Submersible models in the lineup. This includes sensors, components, manipulators, and other subsea technology. A primary goal of Aquatica is to lower the costs involved with Manned Submersibles while maintaining functionality and some of the highest standards for safety. The models offered by Aquatica, are designed to be extremely versatile with multiple uses in mind; commercial, ocean science, tourism, media, even personal recreation. Custom vessels also available.

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