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Reef Life has Partnered with the UofU Chapter of AMA

University of Utah Marketing Students Create Ocean Awareness Campaigns

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a national organization of dedicated marketing professionals across the country. The AMA also oversees over 300 chapters of marketing students at colleges across the country. Each AMA member is given access to a variety resources they need to be successful.

Students at the University of Utah can join the AMA to explore the world of marketing during their time as undergraduates and while the AMA is focused on marketing, any student enrolled at the U can join! Students in the club can attend site visits, hear from insightful guest speakers, build their skills through workshops, and so much more. Beyond these learning experiences, AMA members also get value out of the club from real-world experiences they can be a part of. The AMA’s new partnership with Reef Life Foundation is one of these opportunities! This collaboration allows AMA members to learn about marketing in a truly global environment, ranging from the UN and UNESCO, to the World Bank and global NGO partnerships.

The AMA team is working with Reef Life to improve our online presence and strengthen our digital marketing strategy. Ranging through a variety of topics, a successful digital marketing strategy can be crucial to a company’s overall success! The AMA has been focused on improving Reef Life’s search results and improving organic results has been a main priority in the beginning stages of the partnership. The AMA team has also been instrumental in Reef Life’s efforts to transition to a new website (definitely check it out). These efforts have already helped out the site’s rankings and trust me, there’s still a lot of work to be done!

One of Reef Life’s most important revenue sources comes from online donations (from readers like you!). Thanks to a Google Ads grant, Reef Life also has a great opportunity to increase our online presence through the use of paid search. These advertisements can be narrowly targeted to only appear when specific keywords are Googled. This selectivity helps Reef Life to only show ads to people who are likely to be more inclined to donate. As Reef Life looks to deploy more IntelliReefs these donations are increasingly important for the foundation. This Google Ads grant helps Reef Life bring in revenue without upfront costs. As our partnership grows, the AMA team will continue to work on increasing the scope of each ad campaign with the goal of driving the most donations possible.

Drew Kiel & Max Luger in Shark Masks from the Reef Life Foundation SHOP

This partnership has been fantastic for Reef Life and the University of Utah chapter of the AMA. Reef Life’s online presence continues to be improved by the work the AMA team is doing and AMA members have the opportunity to work on a project that’s directly impacting the community, while also getting invaluable real-world experience. While both parties have already seen the benefits of this collaboration, excitement remains high as there’s only more to come in the next few months!

Melody Brenna CEO

"AMA is a rockin cool club saving oceans while learning to market in a truly global, cross sector environment from UN and UNESCO through World Bank, massive Global NGO partnerships, assisting the company to find and inspire influencers, and build sponsorships, small to large scale donations and oceanic collaborative projects. This is unusual as much marketing today is getting someone to buy a product that, many times is absolutely unnecessary, and harms the planet, NOW a team and individuals with the passion for the environment, get to be involved with a product whose purity of purpose, makes the case for their individual drive for excellence within marketing, for a global, eco-centric new product sector, with inspirational influencers like Greta Thunberg “We WILL be watching you!”

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