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COP28 Ocean Art Extravaganza: Selva Ozelli's 'Healing Waters' & 'Orcas and Reefs' Take Center Stage!

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Ozelli's art shows, "Healing Waters" & "Orcas and Reefs" will be on exhibit at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in two different exhibitions.

Selva Ozelli

Meet Selva Ozelli, an international tax expert, environmentalist, a legal and finance executive, an incredible artist, and Reef Life Foundation Ocean Ambassador. Multiple award-winning artist Selva Ozelli whose work is cataloged by the United Nations, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum as well as the Berlin University of Art's "Climate Summit Art Project 1972-2022,"

Healing Waters & Orcas and Reefs
"Orcas and Reefs" Art Exhibit by Ozelli

Ozelli's art show, "Healing Waters" will be on exhibit at the

Exhibit #1: Ocean Climate Spotlight in the Ocean Decade + OceanX Pavilion in the blue zone of UNFCCC COP28.

COP28 Countdown
Ocean pavilion COP28

The UN COP28 climate conference this year in Dubai, UAE from Nov 30 - Dec 12 will include a two-day summit themed around climate action at the subnational level, with officials from China and the US set to co-chair.

Exhibit #2: The Future of Power Art Show at Global Resilience Partnership Pavilion.

COP28 Resilience Hub
The future of power art show COP28 UAE

"THE FUTURE OF POWER" a collaborative art show.

"My artist friends Mehmet Kuran, Gunsu Saracoglu, Ilhan Sayin, Fatma Kadir and I have prepared an art show “THE FUTURE OF POWER”, which will be presented at the Global Resilience Partnership platform at COP28. This art show includes my art show Orcas & Reefs as well." - Selva Ozelli

The Global Resilience Partnership advances resilience through identifying and scaling on the ground innovation, generating and sharing knowledge, and shaping policy. Resilience underpins sustainable development in an increasingly unpredictable world. GRP envisages an inclusive world in harmony with nature, that is better prepared to cope with shocks, adapt to change, and transform – all within planetary boundaries.

GRP is registered as a non-profit organization in South Africa and co-hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University. And is made up of 60+ organizations that have joined forces to work together towards this vision.


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Selva Ozelli Artist Orcas Art show

Coral reef restoration kelp forest restoration ocean


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