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Team Member Profile: Tara Pierce

Updated: May 28, 2023

An Artist and a Scholar: And now, our Program Director

UPDATE: We want to acknowledge Tara's creativity and effort in putting together our latest fundraiser, the World Oceans Day Art Auction! Read more about it and view a sample of the artwork here. The auction ends on June 8, World Oceans Day, so don't delay in supporting our mission of reef conservation while adding to your art collection!

In summer 2022, we got to welcome a new member to our team. Tara Pierce has been an ocean advocate since pre-school, when she held her first art show to benefit the ocean on her front porch. During undergrad, Tara was torn between majoring in marine biology and art; she combined her passions into a thesis project on art in science communication. Shortly after, Tara earned a Master’s in Environmental Arts & Humanities, where she created a program development packet that was implemented by the Hatfield Marine Science Center within a year. By May 2023, She will also have completed a degree in Environmental Law, determined to improve ocean law and policy.

Through all of her work, she has never stopped painting. Much of her work features marine life she has had the pleasure of seeing in the wild, and some marine life she still hopes to see. She wrote, illustrated, and self-published a beautiful coming-of-age story, The Octopus & The Woman. Designed to connect generations, this book is meant to be read by an adult to a child; it's full of adventure and fun facts. We are always thrilled to see her latest work-in-progress during virtual meetings. Aside from painting, Tara enjoys surfing, rock climbing, and training aerial arts.

Tara’s background makes her an excellent match for the position of Program Director. With her writing skills and passion for the ocean, she paints a picture for the grant readers of what the Reef Life Foundation has done and plans to do. Once a grant is awarded, Tara is there every step of the way making sure the project runs smoothly, encouraging our team.

Together, we look forward to celebrating many successful projects to come.

We hope you enjoy these images from Tara's book. Learn more about Tara here.

From Top to bottom:

Ghost Crab, Hawksbill Sea Turtles, and Weedy Sea Dragons

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