IntelliReefs are innovative reef restoration systems; the result of breakthroughs in science and nanotechnology, these engineered structures mimic established coral reefs to build an oceanic infrastructure that improves resistance to climate stressors and diseases.


20 years of earned experience in advanced materials, manufacturing methods and delivering custom projects, using scientific research, and architectural innovation, combine to offer high performance marine restoration systems designed from nano to industrial scale. 


We work with you to create an IntelliReefs system that enhances your specific conservation goals to revitalize, restore and protect delicate ecosystems.


Rapid Animal Settlement

We are racing against climate change in the ocean. Restoration efforts need to accelerate growth in order to combat the effects of ocean deterioration. IntelliReefs accumulate healthy marine communities and coral settlement within less than 14 months.

Enhance Biodiversity

As habitats continue to be degraded in the ocean, we are losing and evicting species every year. IntelliReefs have been shown to foster higher biodiversity than nearby natural reefs. Our Oceanite growth matrix provides more surface area for colonization through a complex system of pores while retaining the highest level of material strength and durability.

Increase Fish Stocks

For many island and coastal nations around the world, seafood represent food security and massive annual income. IntelliReefs create additional habitat for fish where it has been lost. The natural growth of marine plants and animals that accumulates directly on the Oceanite substrate provides food for fish populations.

Attract Wild Coral Spawn

New coral spawn are attracted to bare seafloor through a variety of environmental cues that indicate they are entering a healthy reef. Creating additional habitat will capture corals during the spawning season that would otherwise be lost to the reef. In coral reef ecosystems, new coral recruits migrate to and settle on Oceanite growth matrices after less than a year.


We have the depth of experience and casting techniques to build reef restoration structures on an ecologically relevant scale - hundreds of metres to kilometres. Around the world, coral restoration projects are underway to restore and rebuild coral reefs. While some projects have had limited success, one main criticism underlines these efforts – they are not scalable. 


Thriving ocean systems demand a diverse set of habitat requirements, and the physical properties of regular cement substrates cannot accommodate these marine organism needs. Oceanite is a complex matrix of minerals, developed specifically for diverse animal growth and immediate integration within local ecosystems. It is composed of proprietary marine mineral matrices that include high-grade limestone, aragonite, and diverse pozzolanic (calcium binding) components at the nano-scale.


IntelliReefs works with the international non-profit Reef Life Foundation. Together in collaboration with The Nature Foundation St. Maarten, we are working to rebuild habitat for coral restoration as part of the Plant a Million Coral Initiative.


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Reef Life Foundation supports coral science research globally as well as divers planting corals. With the Gift A Reef Campaignevery purchase or donation goes to support coral reef conservation beginning with The Nature Foundation SXM in Sint Maarten.

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