Creating Homes & Food for the Ocean's Homeless

IntelliReefs habitats can help #SaveOurOceans

IntelliReefs are innovative reef restoration systems; the result of breakthroughs in science and nanotechnology, these engineered structures mimic established coral reefs to build an oceanic infrastructure that improves resistance to

climate stressors and diseases.


IntelliReefs is a division of Reef Life Restoration, LLC with 20 years of earned experience in advanced materials, manufacturing methods and delivering custom projects, using scientific research, and architectural innovation, combine to offer high performance marine restoration systems designed from nano to industrial scale. 

We work with you to create an IntelliReefs system that enhances your specific conservation goals to revitalize, restore, and protect delicate ocean ecosystems.

IntelliReef Coral Research 2020 Benthic


IntelliReefs works with the international non-profit Reef Life Foundation. Together, in collaboration with The Nature Foundation St. Maarten, we are working to rebuild habitat for coral restoration on damaged and non productive reefs.

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Rapid Animal Settlement

IntelliReefs accumulate healthy marine, curated communities and wild coral settlement within less than 14 months.

Increase Fish Stocks

IntelliReefs provide food and shelter for fish where it has been lost through innovative architecture and bio-enhancing Oceanite substrates.

Attract Wild Coral Spawn

In coral reef ecosystems, new coral recruits are attracted to and settle on Oceanite mineral mixtures after less than a year.


We have the depth of experience and casting techniques to build reef restoration structures on an ecologically relevant scale — hundreds of metres to kilometres. 

Enhance Biodiversity

IntelliReefs have been shown to foster higher biodiversity than nearby natural reefs due to the engineering and design of Oceanite.